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On the difference between metta and merit – Pra Ajahn Ofer


The film, “Present Moment” -the venerable Ajahn Tong in Israel- available for viewing on Youtube

.About the film

Continuous meditation courses at the Vipassana meditation center in Yavniel with Pra Ajahn Ofer and Asher Gal

Weekend course on Vipassana and the Brhama Viharas with Pra Ajahn Ofer and Itamar Newman

Greetings to all the Friends

I have been asked to speak today on the concept of merit.I shall do this by emphasizing the common and the different between the concepts of merit and

metta, concepts that are sometimes thought of as being identical.

The Pali term of merit is punna. The opposite of merit is demerit, actions which harm ourselves and others, and the erroneous belief that bad actions don’t have bad results. As a result our consciousness becomes agitated and full of accusations and regrets. Merit and demerit are actions (karma) that we carry out. There are ten actions that are considered merit:

Dana- the giving of things such as food, clothes, medicine, shelter-

the acceptance of commandments or the intention to adhere to the rules of Morality- the practice of meditation and the development of consciousness-

respecting elders and those that are worthy of respect-

to serve and aid others-

to include and share our merit with others-

to take joy in the merit of others-

to listen to dharma-

to teach others-

to have right understanding concerning karma and the four noble truths-

Metta is a Pali word which is translated into English as loving kindness. Metta is one of the four Brhama Viharas (the four abodes of the god), one of the fifty-two mental states or mental formations, sankhara, and also will or strength of will which drives us to action (such as anger, fear, desire, wisdom, compassion, generosity etc.) Metta is the intention or cause of how we act with our surroundings, with thought, word and deed, and its expression will be: a good word, with a smile and happiness and love that we direct to others

When we send metta we use the good energy that we have accumulated through the various actions of merit that have given us peace of mind, calmness, serenity and we direct those to ourselves and to others in order to strengthen health and happiness, long life and success. Analogously merit is like the electrical energy with we charge our car battery, and metta is like the action of driving our car. As you can discern there is a direct connection between merit and metta. I wish for each and everyone of you that the merit and the metta within you shall grow and be for you a condition of true happiness, of nirvana.

Yours in Dhamma,

Phra Ofer


The film “Present Moment

We are happy to present to you the film “Present Moment” which was produced as a gift and as a grateful recognition (anoomodana) for  the venerable monk Ajahn Tong on the occasion of his visit to Israel.

At present we are working on the translation of the movie into Thai, German and English. The cost of production has been 12,000 shekels to date and this has all been paid for on the basis of donations.

We invite you all to take part and acquire merit by donating to cover the cost of this endeavor- To donate by credit card:

By transfer to the association’s bank account

Newmann-Buddhist Center for the practice of Vipassana meditation

Bank Discount, Ramat Gan Branch 040

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Checques should be made payable to Newmann Association

Address:POB  77, Yavniel 15225

Every donation will be welcomed with love and blessings.


Help Needed

We appeal to you, student of Pra Ofer and comrades on the path to come, help and build. This is our time of testing – to preserve the existence of the center in Israel.

There are a number of issues that require the assistance of volunteers.

  • We require a volunteer to take responsibility for our internet presence. This includes updating the site in regards to news, courses, the need for volunteers etc, mailing of the newsletter and maintenance of contact with sister sites in Israel and around the world. The position requires only a basic knowledge of computers and around one to two hours of work weekly

for information- Liat:

  • We have started a new initiative wherein we all volunteer periodically, according to list, and go to Yavniel to assist and support Pra Ofer. Because the tasks at the center are many and also demanding, the number of “hands” are small and it is important to us to maintain our teacher and our center, we thought it would be good if once every month or two, depending on the number of volunteers, we would all donate a day of labour cooking, cleaning and up keeping the center. Till now six people have volunteered.

For information- 077-5355819

  • We need volunteers for work on the center; buiding, planting, transportation, purchasing etc


  • Volunteers wishing to help on the upcoming courses at the center and practice dana contact:077-5355819,

It is important to us to remind us all that the opportunity to practice in a safe and protected space under the guidance of teachers is not something to be taken for granted and without economic support the center will not be able to cover its operating costs and carry out its important mission. It is important to us to note that our valued teachers devote their lives and powers to the spreading of the Dharma and to the practice of vipassana meditation without any regular income and supported only by the donations of students. Please help us with your donations and by volunteering to cover the development cost that are still left and to preserve the center and its present and future activities.

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This month activities


Weekend course: Vipassana and the development of the Brahma Viharas (the four sublime states) Thursday, 3.5, till Saturday, 5.5

 Lead by Pra Ofer and Itamar Newman

The Buddhist way designates the four sublime states (literally abodes of the gods) as states of consciousness that the practitioner attains in relation to himself and to others.

Vipassana meditation develops the qualities and facilitates a gentle routing of consciousness in order to develop these states the aim of which is to allow one to forgive one’s self and to forgive others, to develop a realistic and and non-judgmental attitude towards others,to share in their happiness and the development of a balanced consciousness that places emphasis on the acceptance of the positive and negative aspects of reality, without preconceptions and with equanimity.

Metta = loving kindness

Kuruna = compassion

Mudita = to be happy in the happiness of others

Upeka = equanimity

The retreat is intended both for new practitioners, who wish to understand and experience, and for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and their practice.

The weekend will be conducted in noble silence

The retreat is held in the spirit of the Dharma and on the basis of dana (generosity, open heart, giving(

For information and registration: Ben Kotler


The Center for the Practice of Vipassana Meditation in Israel is open

From now the center is open to all. All who wish to come to the center can, with prior arrangement,  at the time and date that is convenient for them. Our meditation practice is an individual one, not dependent on the number of practitioners or their days of arrival. The center is open to old and new practitioners and to all who wish to practice Dana and develop while volunteering. For information and registration.

Contact: 077-5355819.


Evenings practice meetings by the comity

Yavniel The Israeli Center for Vipassana Meditation

Every week on Sunday evening at 20:00 a meditation group gathers for practice. Pra Ofer and Itamar Newman alternately lead the practice.

For information: 077-5355819


Kibutz Kineret

Every Thursday evening at 19:00 a meditation group gathers for practice at Ridman Kineret Campus. Itamar Newman leads the practice.

For information: 077-5412063


Tel-Aviv Basharra house

Every week on Tuesdays evenings a meditation group gathers for practice. The matting’s are held on a private house belong to the Basharra association in a peas full beautiful place at the south of Tel Aviv- not far from the Kolbo- Shalom: Bhasharra house’ Atzmon st. 13.

For detail: Ben Kotler 054-4448655


Every Tuesday at 20:30, guided by Yoav Benyamin meditation practice and a weekly conversation for new and senior practices. No need fo ahead contact.

Adad st.31, Omer.


 Permanent payment orders

For the administration changing process and the rebuilding of the center trough hiring professionals, we ask you to share the way with us by signing a monthly payment order.

A quick estimation stands of a 3.3 Shekels per day (about a dollar) if each and everyone can support the stay of the monk Phra Ofer in Israel and the building of a permanent resident for him and for the continuance of practice and studies in Israel. Please open your hart and help us to forward the comity for a permanent active center.

You can get a monthly payment form at the site, fill it up (with out the need of bank signing) and send it to-

Gutzi Olga, Kibutz Galuyot st. 26/8, Holon.

With the blessing of a happy new civil year,

Newman association

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