Samaggi / Phra Ajan Ofer

Dear Friends in Dhamma,

I would like to express some of my understanding how to develop unity.

Think with love and love will increase.

Develop Bramavihara, Metta-Loving Kindness, Karuna-emphatie, Mudita-sympathetic Joy, Upekka-neutral and a peaceful mind will follow.

Do not think speak or act with fear, worry, jealousie or anvety. These things are suffering in the mind.

Protect yourself from your own Hindrances because „Atta hi attano naatho“ – one is oneselfs refuge, and by this you can influence others to the better.

Increase confidence, when you trust others it means that you trust yourself.

Develop patience to listen to other people. Do not let the judgement and critisism guide you. Everything is an information from the six sence doors. Protect them by mindfulness.

We all have opinions, sometimes other opinions are not like yours, be wise – not right.

Take present moment and do what is right now. Don´t be afraid of the future.

We are not perfect, how can we ask from others to be so.

Remember: what ever people think, speak or act against you: it is your own Karma that you have to pay and probably you have done the same in the past.

Don´t create new bad Karma for the future by letting the anger and disliking control you.

Practice and clean your own mind as much as you can, by this you can be a good example. Be pure, that is the best present you can give others. Don´t try to change them, change yourself. (Imagine how it would be if you were enlightened)

If we will develop unity in ourself we will be able to help more people and places will grow up by themselves.

By this Dhamma may you all will find happiness- each one and together.


Phra Ofer

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