welcome to Newman vipASSANA center

“Not to do evil,
to cultivate good,
and to purify one’s mind.
This is the Teaching of the Buddha.”

– Dhammapada – the sayings of the Buddha, verse 183 –

Basic course for beginners takes 15 days. At the beginning of the course, you will get an introduction into the technique and how to conduct your meditation practice. Each day you will have daily private reporting sessions with the teacher. Retreat for 11 days are open to all for experienced meditators who have already completed the basic course.

Newman Vipassana Meditation center is located in Yavne’el, in the in northern Israel, and offers ideal conditions for personal course taught by the Buddhist Israeli monk Phra Ajarn Ofer Thiracitto (Venerable Phrakhrubhavanabidhan) who has been practicing Vipassana meditation since 1989 under the instruction of the most venerable Phra  Ajarn Tong . The courses are held with a small number of participants and a permanent staff that allows a warm family & intimate atmosphere during your stay.

Venerable Phra Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo Abbot of Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong Voravihara was one of the most respected meditation teachers in Thailand. He has been teaching Vipassana for over sixty years, and has headed more than fifty monasteries and meditation centers in northern Thailand and around the world. He predominantly lived in Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong Voravihara near Chiang Mai in Thailand, where he taught Vipassana and served the Dharma throughout the years until December 13, 2019, at the age of 96 he left this world.