Renovation, Expansion & Construction IN NEWMAN VIPASSANA CENTER ​

It is a great honour and privilege for us that our venerable teacher, Phra Ajahn Ofer, has returned to teach and live, on a permanent basis, in the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Yav’neel.  For us Ajahn Ofer is a source of inspiration, a true role model of one who walks the path of Dhamma.


A few hours prior to his death in December 2019, our Venerable teacher Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo invited Phra Ajahn Ofer to his side. At this time he instructed Phra Ajahn Ofer to return to teach in the Newman Meditation Centre in Yav’neel. He further instructed that Phra Ajahn Ofer make the centre his permanent residence. In addition,  Ajahn Tong requested that Phra Ajahn Ofer bring with him an additional monk. Any request from Venerable Ajahn Tong , on his death bed, holds the utmost significance and is, among other things, a symbol of the extent to which the Centre in Yav’neel and Dhamma Practice in Israel were dear to his heart.

last day ajan tong

Those who know us are well aware that from the outset we have aspired to build a residence for monks (Wat, Temple, Buddhist Monastery) in Israel with the intention of:

  1. providing an appropriate home for Phra Ajahn Ofer and other monks; a home that supports their way of life and enables them to observe the precepts.
  2. A place that facilitates the learning of Dhamma and the practice of Vipassana meditation.
  3. A place of inspiration, a source of encouragement for practitioners so they may wish to come to the centre, live close by and become involved in the process of realising this vision.


Today, more than ever, it is important to provide Phra Ajahn Ofer with a home and with suitable conditions designed to support him in his efforts to realise his path. In addition, it is important to continue to develop and build the centre, so as to make the Dhamma readily accessible, on a permanent basis in Israel, for our benefit as well as for the benefit of the generations to come.

Over the past weeks we have been preparing for the next phase of the renovation of the existing centre;

  • The construction of a Buddha Hall (a structure that is designed to house a Buddha statue, as is customary in monasteries around the world).
  • Building residential accommodations for Phra Ajahn Ofer and other monks.

The building will be named in honour and appreciation of venerable Ajahn Tong: ‘Wat Ajahn Tong’.

This project demands a lot of labour and a great deal of resources. 

 “Determination and endurance are the most difficult disciplines, but the final vicory comes to the one who endures”. The Buddha


Unfortunately, we are unable to finance all of this independently and without assistance.

In favour of the Dhamma and as part of our efforts to finance the vision we have for the Centre, we found it only fit that Itamar’ s entire collection of works of art created by him over the years, be available for purchase (to the general public, art collectors and galleries). This collection includes, among other things, paintings, sketches, sculptures and other small and large works of art. As part of this endeavour, various events will be held at the centre, in addition to a media campaign via various media channels, in Israel and around the world.

Some of the original works of art, such as drawings and sketches, will available for purchase as reproductions, at reduced rates. In addition, over time, we are planning to make more products that are connected to Dhamma and meditation available for purchase. These items will be prepared at the centre and will include booklets, sculptures, lamps and other relevant Dhamma memorabilia.

All income from the  Art will be used for the Renovation, expansion and construction of the centre.


1st phase:

  • Renovation of the kitchen.
  • Making the Centre accessible to the Disabled.
  • Demarcation of the Centre with a fence and gate.
  • Building additional units for individual practitioners.

Simultaneously to the above step, we will be working on appropriating land for construction:

  1. Request for parcellation approval of the land (Division into lots) in order to exercise building rights.
  2. Payment of taxes to the Israeli Land Administration (for 2 dunam).
  3. Engineering and architectural planning.

2nd phase:

  • Building a residential area for monks, dedicated to the memory and life of Phra Ajahn Tong of which Phra Ajahn Ofer will be the Abbot.
  • Establishment of an administrative and public management body.

3rd phase:

Building of a new meditation centre adjacent to the existing one


4th phase:

Conversion of the existing Centre into a residential space consisting of 4 housing units.


May you who understand the importance of offering a permanent place of residence for Phra Ajahn Ofer in Israel and who recognise the value and significance of an on-going flourishing Meditation Centre (where Phra Ajahn Ofer was instructed to live) offer us your trust and support.

How to give and or receive – mutual giving (Dana)

  1. The purchase of Itamar’ s original works of art (as well as reproductions). Any purchase can be paid in instalments, under favourable conditions.
  2. Support via monthly standing order:
  • Will provide the centre with a permanent monthly income, economic security and a significant ability to continue to flourish.
  • Will enable you, the donor, to arrive at will to participate in a course or come to practice.
  • Will enable us together to provide assistance to others who are unable to make financial donations so they may benefit from what the centre has to offer. 
  1. Dana – a one-time donation
  • Donate according to your own ability and generosity – may be done via standing order.
  • A tax invoice/receipt will be issued against any purchase or donation.
  1. Professional Assistance
    We will be appreciative of additional assistance in the following areas:
  • Networking: Connections to figures in the field of visual art; art collectors, galleries etc. for the purposes of collaboration vis-à-vis the exhibiting and selling of art work items.
  • Professional expertise in video editing, professional photography and producing films for the purpose of raising funds for the centre.
  • Public relations; advertising and marketing via social media and any other fund raising platforms.
  • Head start; recruiting donations and any other assistance available in this area.
  • Professionals in the building field who can share their expertise in the planning and executing of the project.

May each person interested in making donations to support the development
and maintenance of the centre do so according to their own heart, goodwill and capabilities.

Any donation will be gratefully received.
All contributions made will be used to support the center so it may continue to flourish.
May all who come through the gates be welcomed to enjoy the fruits of the practice and the nectar of the dhamma.


With Love and appreciation,

Liora and Itamar Newman

Means of donation and payment to the center

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