The Buddha’s teachings are offered according to the principle of Dana, an ancient Pali word meaning generosity, giving or gift. 

“Dana” is gift and generosity.
It embraces the support of those who unselfishly and openly
give of their time and knowledge to teach the path of
silence, insight and compassion.

Dana is a way of thanksgiving:
a spontaneous grateful offering which
stems from the appreciation
of that which was received.
Such generositiy cannot be forced.
It simply opens when the tree of mindfulness
blossoms and finally bears fruit.

The Newman Vipassana Center is a private center. 

We are not a non-profit organization and we do not have any support or funding from outside. 

Until now we have operated according to the best tradition of monasteries and centers around the world, and we did not collect payment from the participants, but rather let them decide how much they would give, believing that their generosity would cover the expenses and provide the necessary support. unfortunately, in Israel this is apparently  in most cases, at the end of a course, we found ourselves being paid out  for  the expenses, therefore we decided to charge the participants a minimum price to cover their expenses at the center.

 Old timer practitioners are welcome on Dana base

Donation to teacher are not related to the center expenses

The teacher devotes his life to the teaching and shares his knowledge without consideration or for-profit

At the end of a course, Dana can be left to a teacher in the dana boxes at the meditation center or make a transfer.

To make it possible for courses to continue and for others to benefit from this practice, donations are greatly appreciated

All donations made will be used to support the center so it may continue to flourish.

May all who come through our gates be welcomed to enjoy the fruits of dhamma.

With Love and appreciation,

Liora and Itamar Newman

Means of donation and payment to the center

crediT card / paypal

 Bank transfer to account

First International Bank of Israel,
Branch # 013 – Name: Rehavia
Gaza 27 St. Jerusalem 92382  ISRAEL
Acc# : 273134

Itamar Newman
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